Procesos participativos en la arquitectura residencial modular. Dos casos de estudio documentados en Valencia, España

Article published in Estudios del Habitat (ISSN 2422-6483), 16 (1), pp. e035. (authors: Manuel Calleja Molina, Débora Domingo-Calabuig)

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The modular residential architecture of the 60s and 70s focused on the design process to offer the dreamed flexibility and adaptability to future times. In some cases, user participation experiences were incorporated into the open-work method, in order to offer a typological variety closer to the residents’ needs. In Valencia, two study cases allow us to reconstruct the dialogue between a neighbours’ cooperative and the architect Alberto Sanchis Pérez, who always considered himself with the role of a simple provider of the built form for enriching community experiences. This article analyzes documents from the architect’s archives, reconstructs the decision-making process and points out the consequences of the neighbours’’ participation in the final housing design.

Estudios del Habitat 2-Debora Domingo Calabuig