Espacio y tiempo del taller de proyectos arquitectónicos : la escuela de arquitectura de Valencia

Article published in Revista de Arquitectura (Bogotá) (ISSN 1657-0308), 22 (2), pp. 3-11.


The theory of the architectural design (what is taught), and its methodology (how design is taught) have a remarkable tradition that is constantly enriched with new perspectives. However, when designing the studio, the pedagogical concretions are given with the specific objectives of the training (what design is taught for) and with the availability of resources (with what design is taught). This text reflects on the space and time of the architectural design studio as determining factors when it comes to shaping a design epistemology. The hypothesis is evidenced by a study case: a pedagogical unit from the the Valencia Architecture School is analyzed, which could well be representative of other Spanish schools. The results show that the specific activities that accompany the student in the design studio are the consequence of a reflection on contemporaneity in the learning of architecture.

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