[On Set with] Lilly Reich

The awarded proposal for the Second Edition of the Lilly Reich Grant for Equality in Architecture (Fundació Mies van der Rohe Barcelona) is entitled “[On Set with] Lilly Reich” and raises the production of a documentary by gathering a research project and the recording of a film. The aim is to show the contextual limitation of the professional field and the recognition of Lilly Reich’s works by combining two contrasted arguments: what she contributed (‘What did Lilly Reich do?’) and what was told about her (‘What was said about Lilly Reich?’).

Thus, the project is elaborated through a story that correlates two timelines –that of its production and that of its historical representation– aiming to identify the turning points to recover the figure of Lilly Reich under conditions of equality. Each record –both professional works and mentions in the media– is to be inventoried and classified according to different categories and natures. The composition of the results will make visible the specific contribution Lilly Reich made to the field of architecture and will show the mutual intellectual contributions in her joint work with Mies van der Rohe.

Laura Lizondo-Sevilla, Débora Domingo-Calabuig, Avelina Prat-García